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Restaurant Review : Spoon House (Japanese Pasta, Bakery) $$ *8 out of 10*

The first time I went to Spoon House (years ago), there was a thirty minute wait to be seated - a good sign. As I stood waiting in the entrance, I overheard two separate couples conversing about how far they frequently travelled just to eat here - one from Orange County and the other from the Valley - definitely, another good sign. I curiously grabbed a menu and began looking over the options. Only the third option down, I stop in my tracks…Japanese-style Cod Roe with Uni, Ika, and Seaweed… 

…yes, please!

Since that day, I can’t really say I’ve ever had a disappointing experience at Spoon House. I’ve rarely strayed away from the Cod Roe & Uni spaghetti, but I’ve always been more than satisfied when I have. The pasta is prepared a tiny bit al dente, the ingredients are fresh, and the portions are generous. If you want a larger portion, they’ll gladly provide (for a 50% fee). As others have mentioned, definitely enjoy the bread and the one dollar salad with your meal. But, do note, they’ll drown the salad with their Japanese dressing; so, if you prefer it lighter, just ask for it on the side. 

As for their set up…

Aside from the bright blue door and awning, you probably wouldn’t even notice this place walking by. Even when you go in, it’s rather unassuming. There are only five or six tables, and the rest is counter space. The kitchen is open and exposed to the diners at the inside counter, where you can watch the automated process of their spaghetti boiling machine churn out plate after plate. Along the walls throughout the restaurant, you’ll find generic European pics that look like stock photos that came with the frames. For a casual lunch, I really wouldn’t expect anything more.

Spoon House Bakery & Restaurant
1601 W Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 538-0376

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