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Restaurant Review : Dae Bok (Korean) K-town LA *7 out of 10*

This is the place for blowfish.  It’s not a fancy place with pretty décor nor is it in the best neighborhood.  It’s a place where you can have your Bok (Korean for blowfish) fix, pure and straight.  For those not familiar with blowfish, it’s a clean, simple tasting fish that’s meaty with chewing texture.  Yes, the fish itself is quite exotic but it does not have an exotic taste.  It’s simple and satisfying.

We had the “Ji-ri” which is the blowfish in a clear broth with Korean vegetables and tofu cooked over an open flame at your table for $14.99.  After you’re done with your fish and vegetables they use the leftover soup to cook you up some porridge, Korean style.   This dish was healthy, tasty and it hits the spot.  I would definitely get this again.

We also had the “bulgogi” style blowfish in the Korean red chili paste sauce.  They grill the blowfish and serve it on a cast iron plate.  The dish tastes like Korean pork ribs except that it is fish and not pork which makes it a great healthy alternative.  My husband loves this one.

Of course you get your typical Korean sides but one side that does stand out is the Bok skin with watercress.  The skin is chewy and a little jelly-like.  It’s probably the most “exotic” thing you’re going to eat here. 

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