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Restaurant Review : Top’s (Burgers, American) Pasadena, CA * 5 out of 10*

Don’t count your calories here! They have it all: chili cheese fries, an array of burgers, pastrami, orange bang, breakfast eggs, a spicy chili condiment bar etc. etc.  

I went to eat here trying to make healthy choices and it didn’t work out.  I ordered the tuna fish salad and it came out with a HUGE scoop of very mayo-ey tuna over mostly iceberg served with a boiled egg, olives, bell peppers and tomato wedges.  This really wasn’t the best choice at Top’s.  I was eye-balling my friend’s burger so much that she offered a bite to me.  Of course I took it and I found it quite decent.  Not the best, but tasty, especially after my boring salad. 

We also ordered a basket of large fries to share.  They were a bit over-fried and the amount was quite alarming.  We attempted to eat them but they looked almost untouched when we were finished.

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